The Art of Teams

How do you pass the lead in a cross-functional, virtual, or self-managing team? How do you ensure that team members truly support one another as the role of leader moves through the group?

The Art of Teams shares the teaming process of the string quartet in a dynamic and interactive program that demonstrates:

  • Shared Leadership
  • Cross-functional roles
  • Speed and efficiency in communication
  • Clarity of intention

This program is designed for executives who need to navigate collaborative relationships, especially in cross-functional and senior leadership teams where there is often no obvious hierarchy. It models how sharing leadership strengthens the team. It demonstrates the important difference between following and supporting. Participants come away with a greater understanding of how to listen actively in a team—and then how to communicate clearly and decisively.

By learning about these critical elements in a fresh context, executives see their team as a structure apart from its specific mission. They understand that everyone who collaborates in small, independent groups faces similar challenges and can use similar tools for overcoming them.

We are not alone. We can learn from each other. That's the "art" of teams.